Federation Structure

There are 22 primary Co-Operative society members of VJFS with 45000 farmer members. Each Co-Op society nominates one representative on the Board of VJFS. As per VJFS Bye Laws, maximum 15 members can be on the Board. Currently Board comprises of 13 members. The Board tenure is of 5 years. The tenure of current Board is from 2017 to 2022.

Member Unions
Gandevi Taluka K.S.S. Ltd. Gadat V.V.K.S.K.M. Ltd. Manekpur V.K.S.M. Ltd.
Kheti V.S.S.M.Ltd., Ajarai Amalsad V.V.K.S.K.M. Ltd. Abrama Sevs S.M. Ltd.
Gandevi V.V.K.S.M. Ltd. Vedchha-Dambher Seva S.M. Ltd. Dhanori Seva S.M. Ltd.
Nagdhara V.V.K.S.M. Ltd. Bilimora V.V.K.S.M. Ltd. Kharel V.V.K.S.M. Ltd.
Navsari-Jalalpore Taluka K.S.M. Ltd. Gadat Vruksh Utpadak S.M. Ltd. Ashtagam Vibhag Seva S.M. Ltd.
Kachholi Seva S.M. Ltd. Gandevi Taluka Kantha Vibhag Seva S.M. Ltd., Kalamtha Kesli Sah Pati Seva S.M. Ltd.
Nandarkha Seva S.M. Ltd. Ambheta Seva S.M. Ltd. Bigri-Ponsari V.V.K.S.M. Ltd.
Navsari Taluka Sahakari Kharid Vechan Sangh Ltd.

Board Members
Co-operative Board of Directors Designation
Gandevi Taluka K.S.S. Ltd. Sh. Rajeshkumar Bhikhubhai Patel Chairman
Gadat V.V.K.S.K.M. Ltd. Sh. Narendrabhai Nathubhai Naik Vice - Chairman
Manekpur V.K.S.M. Ltd. Sh. Maheshbhai Lalubhai Patel Hon. Secretary
Kheti V.S.S.M.Ltd., Ajarai Sh. Shirishkumar Dhirubhai Vashi Director
Amalsad V.V.K.S.K.M. Ltd. Sh. Dipakkumar Gulabbhai Naik Director
Abrama Sevs S.M. Ltd. Sh. Naileshkumar Kantilal Desai Director
Gandevi V.V.K.S.M. Ltd. Sh. Govindbhai Thakorbhai Patel Director
Vedchha-Dambher Seva S.M. Ltd. Sh. Madhubhai Ravjibhai Patel Director
Dhanori Seva S.M. Ltd. Sh. Narendrabhai Maganlal Naik Director
Nagdhara V.V.K.S.M. Ltd. Sh. Arunbhai Govindbhai Patel Director
Bilimora V.V.K.S.M. Ltd. Sh. Raghubhai Babarbhai Patel Director
Kharel V.V.K.S.M. Ltd. Sh. Umeshbhai Dinubhai Patel Director
Navsari-Jalalpore Taluka K.S.M. Ltd. Sh. Amitbhai Thakorbhai Patel Director


Our Chairman Sh. Rajeshkumar B. Patel and Vice Chairman Sh. Narendrabhai N. Naik has been involved in co-operative activities for a very long period and has wide administrative experience and has set great parameters in favor of the farmers. The management has patience, strong will power and is ready to accept the challenges. The team of professionals is headed by our CEO Sh. Madan Sadawarti. He is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur & IIM Ahmedabad. He comes with wide experience in Horticulture, Dairy and Retail sector and has worked earlier with AMUL, Mother Dairy (SAFAL) and Bharti-Walmart Pvt. Ltd. We have highly qualified and skilled staff which is able to meet all the requirements of the market. The company has a very professional culture, a very strong infrastructure and network to fulfill the requirements related to all the activities and market demand.